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The Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Football Club has a history of over 125 years.
It has been operating at its current location at May Bennet Pioneer Park, on Dover Road, since 1968.

The Nanaimo Hornets are the second oldest rugby club in western Canada, Second only to our island rivals, 
James Bay Athletic Association Established: 1886 in Victoria, BC

The Nanaimo Hornets compete in various BC Rugby compititions. BC Rugby consists of nine sub-unions (Hornets play in the Vancouver Island Rugby Union) and 65 clubs across British Columbia. Each is responsible for the organization and operation of their club. Originally organized in New Westminster in 1889 where Alfred St. George Hamersley, the former England rugby union captain and recent immigrant to Vancouver, and member of Vancouver Football (Rugby) Club, became the first President. The same man is credited with founding the first Amateur Athletic Club in British Columbia.
Nanaimo Hornets

  • Established: 1888 Originally the Nanaimo Rovers (1 year before BC Rugby was founded)
  • City: Nanaimo, BC
  • Home: Pioneer Park
  • Divisions: Premier men, Premier Reserve men, 1st Division Women, Over 40's, Junior's boys and girls (13-19), and mini's (5-12)
  • Total membership is on average 250 each year
  • Colours: Black and Yellow


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Nanaimo Hornets RFC
Address: 6704 Dover Road
Nanaimo, BC V9V-1A6