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Player Membership

Sign up is now open for all age groups. Click the link above to get signed up for the 2018/19 rugby season!

In order to play at any level, players must register with the British Columbia Rugby Union (BCRU).

Follow the instructions to register under the proper heading...Senior, Senior Student, Over 40's, Junior, or Minor (Mini's).

Registration payment includes the BCRU portion (insurance, BCRU membership, & team fees) as well as the club social membership fees.


Social Membership

The Social Membership is designed to encourage our former players, coaches, executive and supporters to continue their involvement with the Hornets in a meaningful way.  It is a method for our Alumni to support the club on an ongoing basis with their financial contribution of $100. per year. As you all know, the cost of running an organization like ours is constantly increasing and your support is greatly appreciated.  

As a club member you are able to participate in all club activities (parties, dances, fundraisers etc), and are welcome to enjoy beverages at our fully licensed bar inside the clubhouse.

Club members also get a deal on the costs for renting out the clubhouse for weddings, parties, anniversaries etc.

We have a capacity of 120 people, and the bar can be opened if desired, and there's space for caterers to use for food service.

But the best advantage for becoming a social become a Nanaimo Hornet and part of a great family!!


Nanaimo Hornets Alumni Membership

Welcome Hornets, For those of you currently active in the club or for those who have been away from the club due to other commitments, it is time to put the club back into your life by joining the Alumni. After our Vancouver Sevens experience in March many of us saw old rugby friends we haven't seen in years and enjoyed our short visits together.

Purpose: To ensure that the Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Club continues to flourish and grow, promoting a sport that is dear to our hears and fostering a camaraderie that is unique to rugby.

Minor Objectives include:


  • Assisting the "Executive of the day" in meeting their current and future objectives;
  • Providing funding for the club's annual scholarship programme;
  • Ensuring the club traditions and values are passed on to the youth of our club;
  • Staging an annual Alumni gathering for the purpose of friendship; and
  • Allowing us to keep in touch through quarterly Alumni Newsletters, eg. "The Sting".
Annual Subscription:
  • The annual subscription will be $100.00 per person.
  • This subscription may be paid via Pay Pal through our website or by cheque.
  • If paying by cheque, please mail to:Nanaimo Hornets R.F.C. Alumni 6704 Dover Road Nanaimo, B.C. V9V 1A6
  • OUR AIM in our first year is to encourage 100 people to join our Alumni, realizing $10,000.00 annually for the club.
Voting Rights:
  • Alumni members DO have AGM Voting rights


The Nanaimo Hornets have decided it's time to take the next step for our Rugby Club; it's time to set up an Alumni group. We will become the ROYAL JELLY of the hive. Most people involved in rugby clubs fondly remember their involvement in the club and still tell stories about rugby times. The main purpose of the Alumni will be to schedule events where we have at least one yearly get together but also to choose activities where we can support the club. We don't really know right now what that is going to look like but through communication we, as a group, can decide what this may look like.

Right now there seems to be a small group of Alumni guys ready to get the Royal Jelly Alumni up and running.In order to join, most Alumni Associations we require your history involvement in the club as a player, a coach or how you have been involved in same fashion in running the club. Also there is a yearly monetary commitment to the Alumni. The purpose is to give the group the ability to help fund and become involved in the growth of the Hornets Rugby Club. For instance, many of us, that are lucky enough to get to the rugby club frequently, have been putting on an annual "players dinner". One practice night a year we supply and cook the food for all players to show our appreciation of their commitment to the game. Your involvement in this would be one example of how you can help make a difference.

The list goes on with Mini Rugby, High School Sevens etc. We would love to see your commitment towards these kinds of activities and to rekindle friendships with old friends and start new ones. We ask you to sign up below and to contribute $100 with the thought of becoming involved in the Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Alumni, now to be referred to as "THE ROYAL JELLY". We plan on sending newsletters, having a yearly gathering, and other events for you to become part of. We are sure that after attending the "Swarm In", you will see that we have a great bunch of young players that are furthering the great reputation that you helped build.


Contact Us
Nanaimo Hornets RFC
Address: 6704 Dover Road
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